Canines And Chiropractic

Dear Ferguson Family Chiropractic,

Friends of mine have been your clients since 1997, so when I was looking for a chiropractor, they recommended you.  I took their advice, because you also treat their dogs.  In January 2009, my greyhound Casey, who was 8 years old, was diagnosed with lumbar-sacral stenosis.  The orthopedic vet recommended back surgery and said there was maybe a 50% chance of success.  I chose to use chiropractic instead.  I started with a canine chiropractor, but her hours were unreliable.  Since I needed a chiropractor too, we came here.

Drs. Shawn, Karen (and Robert at the time) all took very good care of all three dogs, but the biggest difference is in Casey.  She’s 11 now but runs around the yard like a young pup.  She presents no lumbar-sacral stenosis symptoms at all and tries to outrun my 6 year old greyhound.  When my 15 year old Italian greyhound’s back started giving out, I brought her to Dr. Shawn, and he recommended weekly adjustments. She now chases the big dogs around the yard and I look forward to getting her adjusted for many more years.

Drs. Shawn and Karen understand that pets are family too, and they provide my fur-kids the same quality treatment and care they provide me.  We are all better, more active, healthier, and happier since finding FFC.

Thank you FFC, for caring about my entire family.


Mary Young