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Zara Rainey, DC

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Dr. Zara Rainey is a Cartersville native. Her chiropractic journey first began, while her mother was pregnant. After birth, she began having ear infections. While receiving pregnancy care, Dr. Karen educated her mother and showed her that there is a more natural approach to health. Remembering this, Dr. Zara' s mom brought her into the office and got her adjusted. Few days later her ear infection was gone, and the whole Rainey household was changed for the better. After this her parents decided to make chiropractic their lifestyle and raised Dr. Zara in a vitalistic household.  

Dr. Zara remembers going to school and seeing how sick the other children were around her. Everyone would be plagued yearly by the flu or strep throat, and would be on two to three antibiotics a year. When Dr. Zara, was expressing health, she would come get adjusted and allow her strong immune system do what it was created for, heal. She would be right back into school the next day. 

Growing up this way allowed Dr. Zara to see the healing power that is in her body. Too many people grow up believing, that their body is incapable of healing and fighting for itself. Which leads them to looking for outward sources for healing, like medications and antibiotics. This is why Dr. Zara decided to be a chiropractor, to be able to teach others that there is another way of health and that you don't have to just "survive" but that you can "thrive" in the body that you were given. 

Dr. Zara graduated from Excel Christian Academy, and immediately went to Life University to further her education. She received her Bachelor's in biology and her Doctorate in Chiropractic. While in college she learned that there is a body and mind connection that is crucial to health. That is why she utilizes chiropractic to help others re-connect with themselves.  Not just physically through their bodies but also mentally and emotionally so that they can fulfill their purpose in life.

When not at the office, Dr. Zara enjoys hiking around North Georgia, trying new restaurants with friends, reading new books, spending quality time with her cat Ariel,and helping her folks at their art studio, Evergreen & More,  in Cartersville, GA.

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