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Morgan Snodgrass-Murtaugh, DC


Dr. Morgan hails from the southern beach shores of New Jersey where she grew up in a little beach town called Margate City. Her journey with chiropractic started in utero as her mother got adjusted throughout her entire pregnancy with Dr. Morgan. After Dr. Morgan was born, she was adjusted at just weeks old. Her entire life has been a circumference of natural, holistic, and vitalistic healing as her parents didn’t believe to always take her to the MD for every ache, pain, or expression of health. Her family taught her old remedies that had been passed down for generations through nutrition, ancient holistic approaches to health, and utilizing what the Earth has provided for us for our healing. 


As Dr. Morgan grew up, she excelled in sports which led to her interest in exercise  science. She never suffered an injury throughout her career that couldn’t be helped by chiropractic care and allowed her to be back on the field immediately. After playing many different types of sports, she found herself a scholarship to play field hockey at West Chester University of Pennsylvania where she graduated with a Bachelors in Pre-Chiropractic studies in 2018. During her time at West Chester, she worked under two different chiropractors that helped her understand the innate ability the body has to heal from the inside out. That philosophy led her to Life University in 2019 where she graduated with her Doctorate in 2022. Dr. Morgan has extensive training in chiropractic techniques from school, continued education seminars, and adjusting seminars. By the time she graduated she attended over 50+ seminars and trainings and continues to do so. Before Dr. Morgan graduated, she wanted to make sure she shared the philosophy of chiropractic with the world as well as the beauty of the adjustment, six mission trips later between Nicaragua and Mexico, Dr. Morgan created life long friends across borders and hopes to continue to do mission work in different countries surrounding chiropractic. 


Dr. Morgan brings her certification in Webster and membership to the ICPA to the office to help expectant mothers through pregnancy, as well as her training in pediatric and craniosacral adjusting. She has a love for learning and curiosity that is undying (you’ll always find her reading something new or at a seminar!) and continues to learn at this moment as she is continuing her certification for the ICPA and perinatal adjusting. However, Dr. Morgan sees everyone from the time they’re in utero through the rest of their life! Dr. Morgan’s goal in life is to help others find their grounded and rooted purpose that allows them to live abundantly, confident, and clear. She is also very passionate about educating patients to be their own health advocate in life for themselves, their families, and of course, their children! 


Dr. Morgan has a constant need for growth and hopes to hold the space for that growth for her current growing family but as well as the clients in the office. She hopes to feed her son’s growing mind and body with all the things she loves to do with her partner, Matt. She loves spending time with her family, being outside in the sunshine, exercising, being active by snowboarding, traveling, reading or doing anything that fills her cup! She’s one for adventure, fun, and will never neglect to give you hugs and lots of love! 

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