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Our Philosophy

Since opening in the quaint downtown of Acworth, Georgia in 1994, Ferguson Family Chiropractic has been providing quality specific and gentle chiropractic care for newborns, babies, children, teens, adults and seniors (AKA our seen-agers!).

The focus in the office is on vitalism which is the increasing the energy in your body and in your life. By creating a soothing, beautiful, family friendly, and positive environment, we have optimized a healing opportunity for everyone.  We thrive on serving our community and pride ourselves in the education we provide for our clients so they understand the cause of their condition. A team effort is created between doctor and person (we don’t take care of patients, we serve people!) and individualized action steps are recommended to for the person to do at home to help in reaching one’s health care goals.  

Our motto is to help you Live the Life of your DREAMS, which are the ingredients to having a vital life and include Diet, Rest, Exercise, Adjustments, Mental Attitude of Gratitude, and Self-Care.

What Makes Us Unique?

When you come to our office you are a part of our family.  We treat you with respect, sincerity, honesty, and love.

We help you create a new relationship with the miraculous wonder called your body and remind you how it is working for you. We help you listen when it’s talking to you, understand what it needs, and how to provide your body with the best care.

We have decades of experience in caring for folks from birth through life who come to the office with various conditions, such as torticollis, whiplash, colic, ear infections, asthma, headaches, ADHD, neck pain, and allergies.  Many people have grown up with us through the years as having our chiropractic care the central role in keeping them healthy and vital.


The doctors have additional certifications through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, Birthfit, and doula organizations.

We welcome everyone at our office! It is our priority that each person is listened to and cared for with the highest level of service.  Our staff meets each person where they are at on their health and chiropractic journey and provide recommendations that are congruent with their goals and needs.

We are humbled by the Google Reviews the people we serve write and we encourage you to read what is said about us. We do our best every day to not just meet yet exceed your expectations.

We want people to feel to feel comfortable and open about discussing their needs so that each person has a positive experience and walks out the door with a smile.

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