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Meet Our Team


Office Manager

Drew Muse, CLC

Born and raised a Georgia native, Drew Muse is the backbone of the front office. Drew’s 20 years of experience in client relations and customer service enables him to work with people with ease and integrity.  Drew has extensive leadership experience and training as a Certified Holistic Life Coach and facilitating men’s personal development groups.


As the office manager, Drew manages day-to-day office operations, client accounts, office systems, and the front desk team.  His goals include ensuring that FFC maintains integrity with the level of service we promise to our clients, and bringing color, culture and vibrancy into the office.


A self-made musician, Drew has an impressive collection of bass guitars, in all their varieties. 


Drew lives the vitalistic lifestyle with Dr. Karen and their blended family of four children (and two dogs & four cats!). 

If he had his druthers, the menagerie would include a goat, a llama and a donkey…and maybe some chickens. He enjoys spending his time skateboarding, playing music, traveling, hiking, and SCUBA diving. 


Front Desk Administrator

Annabella Tessier

Annabella is from Ohio, and her family came to America from Rome, Italy in the 60’s making her second generation. She has a passion for reading and customer service. She spent 5 years working at a bookstore sharing what she loves and making connections and long lasting friendships with the customers she met. She bonds quickly with people and feels more like family than your typical "customer service professional". She also worked as a delivery driver, finding joy in hard work, challenges and making each interaction with the people she meets a great one. 


Annabella has an adventurous spirit. She loves to meet new people and experience new things. She has a love for cars, and expresses her creative soul through art, sculpting, music and photography. You will also find her at thrift stores and antique shops looking for past treasures and spending time with her bunny Vincent and dog Luna.


Front Desk Administrator

Nicole Freeman

Nicole will have more to share soon! 

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