Since 1995, Ferguson Family Chiropractic has been providing the best chiropractic experience for all who enter the office.  This commitment is the foundation upon which the office has successfully grown into one of the largest in the state of Georgia.  Practice members are not numbers in our office, but people who are welcomed into our chiropractic family.  


Here's what they're saying:


Less sick time and quicker recovery time from illnesses and work stress. - Aaron Busby


Increased energy over all.  Getting more done at home, not falling onto the sofa after work exhausted.  Enjoy weekends more!  Improved sleep, less irritable and less pain.-Donna Willaert


I love Dr. Karen.  I moved away for 10 years and my body was mad at me for moving away from Dr. Karen.  Now, no headaches, no migraines, no indigestion, no bathroom issues!  Sleeping so good now!  Improved vision!  Back to 20/30 vision!-Lesley Cox


No cramps!  Improving my overall health.-Terri Farley


Back is much better.-Lynn Burns


My legs/feet don't go numb while sitting at my desk anymore.  Headaches have decreased significantly.  I don't have hip pain anymore, or shoulder/arm pain.  I really appreciate how the doctors take the time to talk to me about all of my concerns. Ferguson Familly Chiropractors are more than chiropractors, you all are my wellness coaches!-Bridget Dunk


My back doesn't hurt as much, I can sit and stand for longer without my back hurting.  I feel much better in life.  I feel more awake and more in tune.  I love it here.  You are so welcoming and a great experience!  Thank you!-Billy Rose


Overall I feel better.  I love the whole environment at Ferguson Family Chiropractic.  I love my chiropractors.  Everyone in the office is very nice and friendly, like family.-Michelle Moore


General health feels stronger, being able to address aches and pains as they arise is great!-Stoph Hallward


I've been better overall!  My subluxation has definitely improved since I started coming here!  This is the most thorough office I've even been to.-Jennifer Flowers


Walk better, move better, get up better.  I exercise daily now.  Enjoy life a lot more.  Not sickly like I was.-Wanda Crawford


Less headaches, more energy, overall feeling better.-Melody Toy


Sick less often, Fewer menstrual camps, less hip pain.  Aways leave refreshed and well taken care of. - Sarah Busby


I don't have as many headaches nor have I had a cold in 7 years!  Allergies are a lot better!  The people at Ferguson are awesome!  Thank God for chiropractic care!- Johnny Shell


I now have greater endurance when exercising and I recover much quicker and easier.- Georgia Wyld


I'm a much more pleasant since my neck and shoulder pain is almost gone. I love Ferguson Family Chiropractic!- Erin Beadle


I have significantly greater flexibility in my neck, less pain, and less tension.- Sherrie Herron


Since beginning care at FFC, I have more energy throughout the day and I'm much less sore after playing soccer.- Taylor Mobley


My overall health has been much better, and my sinus issues have greatly improved.- Jeff Ceglarek


I thoroughly enjoy my visits to FFC. Everyone is friendly and I'm feeling great!- Lance Cunningham


I suffered from many unexplained ailments such as back and chest pain, allergies, and digestive issues before I started getting adjusted. Through chiropractic care and diet changes, all of my health problems have greatly decreased. My health has improved drastically and I'm living without pain!- Jason Chafin


I can now get through my day and activities without fatigue!

- Kaylin Waldron


The biggest thing I've noticed since starting chiropractic care is that I have much more energy than before! I've also noticed that I have more patience with my children and a quieter mind. Subluxation really affects your day to day life!- Amy Curran


My life was riddled with headaches, shooting head pains, neck pain, ringing in the ears, loss of balance, depression, and fatigue. Today this has all decreased, my body feels less aches and pains and I feel revitalized. What I truly love about the office is the friendliness of the staff, the home like atmosphere, and the professional care they provide. "The power is on" is what they tell me after the adjustment and I think sums it all up. They have turned my power on and I want everyone to know that Chiropractic Works! - Shawn Wilson


I started coming to FFC with horrible migraine headaches 2x/week. I was throwing up and enduring terrible pain. The headaches would force me to miss classes. I took a daily medication years ago for the migraines but stopped because of the side effects I experienced. I can happily say that today I there is a significant difference. There has been a significant decrease in my migraines, I have more energy and live a happier and healthier life. Thank you FFC for all you do.

-Jessica Bullock


I came to FFC with low back and hip pain. I am a fitness instructor and need to maintain top physical condition so you can see how this might be a burden. I have been a true believer in chiropractic and using it for over 25 years. Dr. Karen is the only chiropractor who has ever been able to get my hip adjusted to relieve my pain. Thank you FFC for relieving my low back and hip issues.- Susan Madison 


I really love FFC, they educated me so much on chiropractic and also helped with my allergies, back pain, and neck pain.  I used to take ibeprofen on a weekly basis, but now only use it about 4 times per year. -Kerry Hammond


Chiropractic helps me to function in my daily life. I've been a believer since I started seeing the Fergusons many years ago.- Carol Stone


Getting adjusted has been extremely helpful for many of my symptoms: TMJ pain, headaches, and back pain. I very rarely catch colds anymore and my stress level has decreased. Thanks to my regular adjustments, I think more clearly and have more energy than before. I can't say enough about my awesome experience at FFC!- Lori Kiefer


I often injure my knees, ankles, hips, and back playing soccer. Since I've been getting adjusted, I have much less pain after playing.- Jarrod Love


I always feel great after an adjustment! In addition to my digestive system working more efficiently, I now have the energy to wake up at 4:30am everyday to go to work and still be able to work out when I get home at night.- Eileen Mayorga


I always share with people how much I love my chiropractors and that I look forward to my appointment every week!- Kathy Smith


Getting adjusted regularly gives me a healthy way to be pain-free, knowing that I am doing something good for myself with no negative side effects.- Winn Downey


Before I started getting adjusted, I had lots of headaches and back pain that made me extremely irritable. Now, the pain is rare and my health is much better overall.- Janie Davis


The one thing I look forward to some days is getting adjusted to relieve stress.- Shawn Wilson


Since starting care at FFC, I have much more energy! I'm sleeping better than ever and I no longer have to drag myself out of bed.- Gary Lee Kim


I used to have back pain, stiffness, and my feet were always cold. Now that I've been getting adjusted on a regular basis, these issues have subsided and I feel great.- Linda Winston


Before I started coming to FFC I was getting sick 3 to 5 times per year and having frequent headaches.  Now I hardly ever get sick or have headaches! - Fred Wolford


I now have almost no back or neck pain and sleep much better too!  I forgot I even had these problems before! - Jason Caldarera


My family and I have benefited greatly from coming to FFC.  Our overall health has improved and we're much more aware of our health! - Paul Barney


I was having headaches several time a week.  I no longer have headaches!  I feel better and have more energy! - Jessica Pedersen


I love FFC!  I've been coming here for years and have not felt healthier in my life! - Sam Bowles


It is such a wonderful place to be.  I feel so much better!

- Jessica Thompson


I feel a lot less stress since starting care at FFC! - Amy Caldarera


I was having severe shoulder, back pain and headaches but since starting care at FFC I can do my job without even hurting at the end of the day! - Terry Riddle


My back pain has significantly decreased.  I can now walk and move without pain! - Stacy Riddle


Our entire family goes and loves it! - Nicole Fletcher


I used to have migraines and took a bottle of Advil per week.  I'm not having headaches weekly anymore! - Lori Thomson


Before receiving care at Ferguson Family Chiropractic I suffered from frequent headaches and back pain. Since maintaining a regular schedule at FFC, I have less frequent pain, most of the time none at all.- Dena Hoggard


I used to suffer from severe acid reflux to the point that I was eating Tums like candy. My reflux is very rare now thanks to chiropractic care. I didn't realize what wellness was until I started coming to Ferguson Family Chiropractic.- David Chastain


I love FFC! I always know I'm going to be greeted and cared for cheerfully, and I love that you guys are all about helping people improve their quality of life.- Emily Seibert


Chiropractic has relieved the pain and pressure I used to experience in my lower back. I love getting adjusted!- Dillon Tutherow


I've had so much improvement with headaches and back/neck pain. Now, the only time I take medication for these issues is occasionally after playing sports. I'm a believer in the power of chiropractic!- Trevor Tutherow


We love the family friendly environment with doctors and staff that truly care about you. - Nick and Ai Milevsky


I have noticed much better range of motion in my neck.  I feel better overall, more energetic and more comfortable throughout the day. - Chris Wheeler


I have been receiving chiropractic adjustments for the past 20+ years but the last 4 or 5 have been critical.  I can continue gardening and maintaining my home and property which affects my well-being.

- Jep Morgan



I always like to let people know how awesome and easy it is to get grat care here.  Your service fits nicely into our schedule and it is well worth it.  You guys are the best! - Anna Rincon


I've noticed improvements in my overall physical well being.  The frequency of my headaches, neck and back pain had improved significantly.  One aspect of this office that is completely unique is the sense of comfort that you feel when you walk thru the door.  They are very family friendly. - Lauren Betancourt


FFC is a very friendly environment with outstanding chiropractors and customer service.  Since I started regular visits, I've learned how to take better care of my body and I've improved greatly physically.  They really help me, and I've felt so much better since I started coming here.  I always feel welcome at FFC!- Rachel Kiefer


I am very pleased with Ferguson Family Chiropractic and would highly recommend them to anyone.  They go above and beyond showing dedication to the chiropractic profession and thier patients.  They make us feel like family! - Lynn Burns


FFC was my missing link. The professional environment, affordable payment options, and exposure to a kind staff and doctors that genuinely care about my health and happiness makes chiropractic a no-brainer. - Susan McElvy


Dr. Karen has helped us manage my daughter's GERD symptoms. Through diet changes and regular chiropractic care, she has been able to continue on low doses of medication to manage her pain.

- Valerie Wheeler


With chiropractic care at Ferguson Family, I'm finding that I'm much more in tune with my body than ever before.  My whole family has adopted a chiropractic wellness lifestyle, and we have all noticed our health has improved dramatically!  -Gina Wileman


The doctors at FFC are great- they are understanding, caring, and supportive.  The care I receive is multi-faceted, and I am completely satisfied with my experience.  -Kelly Beare


My experience has been wonderful- everyone in the office is kind and personable.  I would definitely refer others to this practice.  

-Steve Roembke


There is a completely unique environment at Ferguson Family Chiropractic- everyone is so kind and generous of spirit.  The doctors are good listeners, and are willing to support emotionally as well as chiropractically.  -Laurie Massaglia


The doctors at FFC have helped me get my health back. Headaches are now few and far between, and my immune system is much stronger.

- Ashley Marshall


I'm able to function much better in my daily life now that my neck pain is gone. - Anne McCord


Every visit to Ferguson Family Chiropractic is a pleasure. Everyone is always so positive and friendly. - Cindy Holcomb


I have more energy than ever before and have noticed that my previous aches and pains have subsided. - Patti Smith


Ferguson Family Chiropractic is an awesome place to bring your whole family to get healthy and start living your optimum potential!

- Jessica Bullock


My health has improved drastically since I started coming to FFC! I'm able to move more freely and do what I want to do instead of what my body allows me to do. - Vonda Palmer


I love getting adjusted at Ferguson Family Chiropractic. Everyone goes above and beyond for us. - Kelly D'Amico


I've been to chiropractors sporadically in the past, but I now understand the value of regular chiropractic care. Thanks to the Fergusons, I feel much better and am able to more fully enjoy my beautiful granddaughter. - Mark Wolfe


At FFC, I feel like a part of a community or family, as opposed to being just another patient. And I feel better than I have in years- not just my neck and back, but my overall health! - Jason Caldarera


Since coming to FFC, I have needed less medication and have been consciously making healthier life choices- eating more fruits and veggies, less processed foods, and exercising more. I love the Fergusons and their staff! - Sarah Busby


I love the atmosphere and genuine personalities of the Drs. and staff at Ferguson Family Chiropractic. They have helped me to revive my body, heart, and spirit. FFC is a valuable and irreplaceable part of our community. - Gail Smallwood


At Ferguson Family Chiropractic, you get the best chiropractic care...period! The staff and Drs. are very courteous and caring. I love that the office is family-oriented and focused on overall health.

- Craig Beare


At first I was a complete skeptic, and now I'm a firm believer in chiropractic. I'm now living pain free! - Erin Beadle


I love FFC! The Drs. and staff make you feel like part of the family.

- Mike Rincon


Since I started getting adjusted, I'm able to sleep better and move around more throughout the day without pain. Chiropractic works!

- Rocky Durbin


My wife and I have been seeing the Fergusons for 10 years and we love the care we receive. Thanks to my adjustments, I have plenty of energy throughout the day and my hip/lower back pain has disappeared.

- Larry Milam


I used to think chiropractic care was mostly for accident injuries, but I now realize that it's about total wellness. Since I started getting adjusted, I no longer have difficulty sleeping and I feel fantastic!

- Carol Milam


I appreciate that the Drs. and staff at FFC are friendly and genuinely care about each practice member's individual needs. My family and I feel like people, not numbers!- Lori Kiefer


Since coming to FFC, I haven't had to take as many medications as I was used to taking and my headaches are almost completely gone. You guys rock!- Ashley Marshall


The Fergusons have become like family to us. Our health has changed and so have our lives. It's not just about the physical aspect- I am so grateful for the support in our natural living and parenting choices.

- Andi Barney


I am so happy I found my chiropractic home at FFC. My lower back pain is completely gone and the weekly massages are such a treat! Every person here, from the Drs. to the front office, is a true joy to know.- Cindy Moran


I came to FFC when I was 35 weeks pregnant because my baby was breech. I was so happy with the success we had in getting my baby to turn that my family and I decided to continue care.- Jennifer Railey


I am very pleased with the quality of care and friendliness of the staff at FFC. I'm excited about the improvements to my neck and back pain.- Heather Maughn


I love FFC because they truly focus on total family health and happiness.- Steve Kulynych


Since getting under chiropractic care, I no longer get headaches and my neck and back pain has been significantly reduced. Before, the pain would get so bad sometimes that I couldn't even stand. Thanks to Drs. Shawn and Karen, I feel better overall and have much more energy!

- Coy Walls


Before I came to FFC, I had neck and back pain flare-ups that limited me, but now I feel much healthier all around. My pain is also much less severe and frequent.- Stephanie Kenny


I started coming to FFC 4 months ago when I started having issues with my back. I now realize that consistent chiropractic care will keep my health better overall. - Lee Hornsby


The staff and doctors at FFC are kind, courteous, and funny to boot! I always feel better after my adjustment. - Lindsay Stegmann


I've lived with neck and back pain for most of my adult life. Since coming to FFC, not only has my neck and back pain decreased, but I've also become more aware of my overall health and well being. I feel better and healthier than ever! - Jason Caldarera


Ferguson Family Chiropractic is filled with positive energy and a friendly staff. The care is both professional and personal. - Joel Norton


Thank you for putting my back together! -Terri Mckittrick


The staff is very friendly and the care has done wonders!

-Lawrence Gilbertson


Regular visits help so much.  FFC has helped me so much!  No more leg pain.  Yeah! -Linda Gilbertson


I was very skeptical at first, but I very quickly felt the benefits - immediately in fact.  And then to top that the staff is very friendly and educational - all of which has made me a big fan of FFC.  I couldn't imagine going anywhere else. -Jeff Beadle


Over the last six years, FFC has helped us through countless illnesses and injuries.  I'd hate to raise my kids without them.  -Clare Castronovo


The Ferguson Family has always been very knowledgeable in my wellness treatment.  Most people don't realize that chiropractic care is not only for someone with a recovering back injury.  Chiropractic puts everything in its place so that my body can function 100% clearly: No more headaches.  -Jessica Pedersen


The Fergusons are a family based operation and very professional.  I recommend them to anyone who needs chiropractic services in a very pleasant environment. -Carol Day


The staff and doctors are extremely pleasant, polite and care about my overall health.  I don't feel like I'm "just a number".  That is very refreshing and appreciated.  -Bobby Thomason


FFC has been AWESOME for my family.  We've been regulars now for more than 11 years and the Fergusons are like family.  We are very healthy, and drug free - even with a pharmacist in the family.  Thanks FFC! -Iruku Makanga


I was in pain so badly that I cried at night.  I had two surgeries for Morton's neuroma (that would probably not have been needed).  I met FFC at a KBA business expo and three months later I can wear flip flops, go barefoot and best of all SLEEP through the night!  Thanks FFC!

-Sally Payne


Everyone is really nice to us.  The adjustments really help us.

- Cheryl Leming


Drs. Karen and Shawn are the best!  They are welcoming and attentive to patients and have helped us with after hours emergencies when needed,  The best thing is that our son (almost 5 years old) has been adjusted since birth and has never had an ear infection or major illness.  We believe on the preventative care offered  by FFC!

-Karen Hersey


FFC is like a family for us.  Since day one you feel like you belong there and you fit in.  -Antonella Giannasca


Been involved with FFC for the past 13 years.  All children are involved and have benefitted greatly.  Reduction of sleep issues, asthma  and an easy pregnancy/birth for mom and stress/anxiety relief for Dad.  We love them.  They are wonderful and we visit them weekly for wellness.  -Maile Lukasik


Ferguson Chiropractic helps our family achieve a healthier lifestyle.  Their chiropractors take a personal interest in everything we do and help keep our four children subluxation free. - Susan Iruku


I love this place!  The doctors are the best . . . my body at the ripe age of 55 has never felt better!  What a huge difference in my life and even energy!  Also, they have the best staff!            - Cindy Lamme


Ferguson Family Chiropractic is my lifeline.  I am grateful to have been referred to Dr. Karen at a young age for a sports-related injury.  I quickly found that chiropractic keeps my entire body functioning optimally.  FFC keeps me at my best! - Melody Vosburg


The staff and doctors at FFC are awesome, friendly, and are concerned about my overall well being.  Since starting treatment at FFC - I feel much better.  The headaches are gone and I feel taller (seriously).  My posture is better! - Bobby Thomason


You should come to FFC because it will make you so much healthier!

- Abbie Seibert


True to their home, Ferguson Family Chiropractic has a genuine family feel.  From the office staff to Drs. Karen and Shawn, everyone is treated with respect and a smile.  Come visit and join the family!  -Emily Seibert


Since I have been visiting FFC I have noticed less pain and have been able to sleep better.  The benefits of chiropractic care have outweighed the costs by far. - Terry Riddle


We walk in to the office feeling badly some days, but we always leave refreshed and feeling great. - Hank & Genice Hoerchler


The experience has been life changing for me.  - Scott Logan Hoerchler


[In the last two years] I have had NO sinus infections! A record! I usually have 1 or 2 a year, and I am not as sick as often. - Bridget Dunk


I have been virtually drug-free since 2001. - Brad Clendaniel


Generally speaking, much better health... the children's illnesses (the few they have had) have gone away quickly.  All of us seem to have fewer ailments. - Antonella Giannasca


I can engage in activities with more focus and clarity. - Juli May


[I experienced] Rehabilitation of slipped disc that M.D.'s could not treat!  Cessation of chronic sinus infections and seasonal allergies, improvement of menstrual symptoms, and eliminations of those former 'everyday' aches and pains such as headaches. - Melody Coffey


When I feel tired, I listen to my body now. - Hope Manning


I used to feel like I was walking around in a fog, but now I feel alert!

- Alisa Brandt


I haven't gotten any of the colds or flu that my co-workers have had this winter. - Patti Smith


I feel like I have a new "skip" in my step - I really feel that "the power is on" when I leave. - Rebecca Stahl


We seem to get over illnesses quicker and without medicine. - Amy Cole


Because of more energy, I can create more energy for myself.  I've lost 30lbs and am able to keep it off for a year and a half now.

- Rebecca Brandt


I move more freely and feel better. - Pam Dominiak


My body is more relaxed and I feel like one piece instead of many pieces. -Kristina Sinquefield


My body is much happier than before I started regular chiropractic care. - Becky Stegman


I noticed that I can do things that before I was not interested in due to being too tired. - Lynda Jackson


I just have more energy and feel better -- both mentally and physically. Thank you! - Patricia Hill


I just feel more alive and an overall energy burst when adjusted; I can't wait to come back. - Rebecca Stahl


I have more energy that lasts throughout the day.  I feel great after my adjustments!- Antoinette Nichols 


I bounced back faster after giving birth, and can keep up with a 3yr old! -Carolyn Penner


Since I started coming to FFC, I have learned that if your body is in alignment then your body fights off sickness & you have more energy.

- Patti Smith 



Our patients have reported that they no longer need the following toxic drugs:

 Alleve, Tagamet, Wellbutrin, Paxil, Topamax, Ibuprophen, Antibiotics, Claritin, Zyrtec, Flu medicines, anti-inflammatories, Zantac, Sudafed, Celebrex, migraine medications, Motrin, Advil…


Please read our "Story of the Month" for a more in depth perspective on Ferguson Family Chiropractic!